We provoke the use of Mexican handcrafted fashion

About us

Alegría de México es Color is an initiative of international scope that seeks to promote the use of “High-end contemporary Mexican fashion” in other countries through the sale of unique signature pieces to show the world the evolution and excellence of textiles, embroidery and other artisanal techniques, jewelry made with love and knowledge that tell stories, without losing their essence, maintaining the colors and authentic artisanal processes, but combined with contemporary designs. In addition, good practices are applied to ensure the quality of the garments.


Yeshica Romero

General Management

Mónica Briz

Fashion Production

With more than 20 years in the world of fashion and image, she has worked in historical costume production, image consulting to officials and politicians, handcrafted runway productions in Puebla, CDMEX, NY, Las Vegas, Oregon and Sacramento.
Founder of MB Corazón de Tela and María Atellier. Promoting the consumption of handmade garments and under the philosophy of local consumption and fair price. She works with teenagers and women on issues of self-esteem and empowerment.

Olga de la Canal

Finance, Marketing and IT

Specialized in business process optimization, project management, development and evaluation of investment projects, business plans, software development, digital marketing strategies, course design, market research, website and online store development, as well as design and development of key performance indicators (KPI) for companies.